The fair of Santa

Françoise : - The 8th of September is a bank holiday in every part of Corsica
Jean-Paul : - It’s normal, it’s the Madone celebration, we’re all concerned
Lucie : - YES, but Corsican people are not so bigots. On Sundays, there’s not a big crowd in church.
Jean-Paul : - It’s doesn’t mean anything. Faith and church are two different things.
Uncle Simon : - And not only in Corsica. The religious crisis had an impact on all Europe.
Jean-Paul : - It goes along with the quality of life. The more you have money the less you believe
Lucie : - I don’t think so : there had always been a religious ceremy and a fair at la Santa
Françoise : - Yes, my grand father had always sold and bought. He was a merchant and…
Jean : - Fairs have always been important moments regarding our regions’ life
Jean-Paul : - However, fair have really change over the past few years.
Vincent Mariotti : - Once, the foreign merchant came around. They came to sell their junk… Uncle Simon : - Foreign people and Corsica ! Come on, benefits never go with homeland…
Lucie : No homeland, neither believing. Thankfully, there has been a general effort…
Pierre Marie : - Yes, with products, food, and our own culture. True things, genuine !
Lucie : - You can’t fool people. The fairs’ trend is back again.
Pierre Marie : - It’s not a trend, but a need. The proof is that every region now has its own fair
Uncle Simon : - Yes, but the most extraordinary one is still the one in Niolu. La Santa.
Vincent Mariotti : - I tried all of them The one in Casamaciuli is the most beautiful one .
Uncle Simon : - And you haven’t seen the most beautiful one yet. La Granitula…
Vincent Mariotti : - Once I was in the parade as well. But I abandoned straight away! My head is spinning !
Pierre Marie : - Te shacks were too close !