Poemes Botella de naufragi

I needed an address

for Paradise.
But Paradise doesn’t have one: address unknown.

Within an earthquake
There is no way to find
Railings for protection.
At the edge of the deepest abyss
Fear always makes an appearance.

There are no placid days,
When time flies
Deprived of joy and colour.

It’s fitting to remember
The exact words of Yunus Emre
Who wrote:

This road is full of traps:
It's too long, with huge laps;
Blocks on it leave no gaps;
It leads to deep waters.

No gaps, to leave behind
Badly trodden roads.
No sign of the exit
Nor the end, nothing.

Useful tools are required:
A hand, a word.
Even a kiss, if there is
Nothing stronger.

There’s no reply.
Always the same:
Address unknown.

Jungle of words

Drops of untimely rains
Soakings pages written
With the stuff of undreams.
The work of preachers,
Placing in order words
Fashioned into a choker.
The rain dispels the substance,
Supreme and quite artificial,
Of make-believe.
Each slippery word
Become a smooth meander
Seeking the mouth of the white page.

What remains of poetry, when just
A sodden, whimsical pattern?
It’s like looking for images
In the shards of a broken mirror.

t needs rethinking, this poetry
Of useless words.
Much better to take a machete
And, fearlessly hewing a path,
Penetrate the jungles of words.,

Time through my fingers

I have tried running
To catch up with time,
But the clocks, all the clocks,
Have stopped at
Fear o’clock sharp.

I must accept sadness.
Living with sadness.

Time passes and,
Forever bewildered, misguided,
My bearings lost,
I long for a guide-bird,
Like a thread in the maze,
To lead me out of this place
Where I now find myself lost.

Last minute information
Unknown geographies and a key
In my trouser pocket
Lead me astray.

I’ll find a note floating

In a shipwrecked bottle.
Words from Rafael Guillén
Will help me accept the short span of life,
When I can read:

For I have no anchor, for I have no
Possible contact, for I have no
Dump, or beach, or boundary if you will.
Give me silence, or whatever. Give me
Something to keep me company.

Right now, with never a cry
Within the shipwreck, I can feel time
Slip crumbling through my fingers.