Corsicans out of Corsican

Lucie : - Do you know that man over there ? seems like I’ve seen his face before

Pierre Marie : - On the T.V ! He’s Angelo Rinaldi from the french academy !

Lucie : - Ah ! Well he isn’t Corsica, he’s a french writer. As admired as criticized.

Uncle Simon : - Well, maybe he deserves this ! In the art world, there are only articles and scars!

Pierre Marie : - It’s him, i’m sure about it. But he may acts anonymous. He doesn’t want us to know it’s him

Uncle Simon : - Famous Corsican.. we had a lot of them. In corsica, and outside of corsica

Vincent Mariotti : - Until the IXX century, they were famous in Italy
Uncle Simon : - Doctors and Pope, great professors in Pisa, Roma, or elsewhere

Vincent Mariotti : - not a lot of marins, I believe

Françoise : - It’s what we say, but I have relatives established in Venezuela, since 200 years now.

Jean-Paul : - They are probably from the Cap Corse. They fulfill all the south of America

Vincent Mariotti : And also Indochina, and all the old french colonies

Uncle Simon : - It’s not the same. We can say, more or less, that all Corsica from old colonies came back…

Lucie : - Not all them. And what about all the ones that went to the United States…

Jean-Paul : - You don’t need to go that far, how many Corsican people in  Marseille ?

Uncle Simon : - It’s not the same. Those ones can be home in 30min plane commute !

Vincent Mariotti : - It’s not the same ! A Corsican is a Corsican and a man is a man !

Lucie : -  Well, that’s even a reason to argue. You both are right : It’s the same and it’s not the same.  

Jean-Paul : - It all depends : It’s also about the language, the lifestyle, the feelings…

Jean-Paul : - Traditions, projects, and even economy !

Vincent Mariotti : - All of this is great, but a Corsican person never forgets about his root.

Uncle Simon : - Even far, even after years and years..