Returning from Venice

Letizia :  I think that Venice is not only a city. It is… how can I say? It is… it is…

Marcella : It’s a dream !
Letizia :  It’s pretty much what I wanted to say !
Maria : And then, we haven’t seen everything… the great CanalÈ po, ùn avemu vistu quasi nunda… two gondoliers, the small boats that do the go and return from a port to another …
Marcella : You forget San Marcu Basilic ! It was a wonderful moment ! We don’t see things like this everyday
Letizia : It is believed that, at the beginning, it was ruins from two churches Marcella (teasing) : From two churches, they’ve made : A San Marcu Basilic !
Letizia : They tell that it happened like that: San Marcu was travelling to Roma. A angel came and showed him the place where he was going to be burried …
Maria : (ironic):  If you would have thought to ask to Letizia first, we wouldn’t have needed to do that trip !