Dolmen di Casta

At the entrance of the désert des Agriate, close enough from the shooting range Casta, stands an unbelievable site, where we can find dolmens’ ruins from the megalitic ages. These are collective tombs, open on the front and with a horizontal stone on top of it

The two dolmens have some space between them, but we also find there some boxes remains : tombs open on top. We also see some old houses, that might have been reused after. Not only the whole site is interesting, but it is also surprising and easy to access. An easy walk, that goes through the maquis and allow us to discover some part of the insular history.

We also have time to let our imagination floats in these places, with those dolmens’ legend. These two different size constructions would actually be the house of an ogre and its mother (Casa di l’Orcu è di l’Orca). The ogre would go down the alley to an high speed and held against him every inhabitants grivances. Those inhabitantrs decided to capture the ogre, and coat its boots with pitches to do so. This strategy worked and the ogre wished that he could swap his freedom with the secret ingrediant to make Brocciu. Despite his mother’s cautionm he spread the recipe but did not get his freedom back as promised. He then offered to explain the inhabitants how to make wax from whey. Despite his good will, the men did not hold their promises, took over the recipes and killed the oger and its mother. 

The end of the story is not really morale, this wouldn’t take us away from all the food specilities made of brocciu, or from the brocciu itself

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