U chjassu di u pidone di Girulata

Who has never heard of this bay and its small village that can be reached only on foot or with a boat ? Here is how you can access it…

Villages can be reached by car. All of them ? No, one small village still resists : Girolata. We can reach it only from the sea or after few hours walking. Located on the east coast of Corsica, before Porto if we come from Calvi.  It is really close from the wildlife reserve Scandola. There is only 11 people living in Girolata during winter, but it is much more lively during summer thanks to sailors, vacationers and walkers. 

We have to stop in “Bocca a croce” (the cross mountain pass) and go on the way down to the right. This path is often under the shadows, and offers lovely views over the sea and red cliffs. After an hour walking, we reach the beautiful beach Tuara to have a much appreciated swimming break. The fun is inside the water – bring your mask and snorkels – but it is also on the beach :veals, cows and pigs ! Those are some pranksters ! They go inside the water, and wouldn’t leave us alone if they smell some food ! Beware, as they also might be aggressive. 

Right after this refreshing break, we can keep on walking. We go through the beach and we now have two possibilities : Either we go from inside the lands, or along the cliffs : This is the way of Guy the postman. As Girolata is only reachable this way, the postman has to make some efforts too and the last one to date has given its name to it. 

If we go from inside the lands, the hill difference is higher and the path is less under the shadow. But once again, it is definitely worth it ! We spot Girolata bay down below, an hour walk from there. In the village, we can find bars and restaurants, some houses, and furthermore the fort and l’aghja that stands above the marina and the mooring. 

Right after this break, we can go back from the other path that goes along the cliff. It is shorter and narrow but it overlooks the sea : red rocks, blue layers and the sea in the distance. This walk really worth it, the wild and preserved nature, and all the breathtaking sights ! 

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