Affresche è castellu à Castellu di Rustinu

Once again, ruins that end with an «U»! But also some nice frescoes from the end of the XVth century, which are well preserved.

The city Castellu di Rustinu offers a path made of discoveries on which there is the chapel San Tumasgiu and the Marquis Massa castle’s ruins. It is believed that Toscan people would have lived there in the XIth century, so they could contribute to Corsican protection.

The chapel has been through an horrendous restauration in 1933. It is located in the middle of a cemetary, and still exposes beautiful frescoes from the XVth century.

A castle from the middle ages’ ruins is located on a rocky surface, not so far from there. This castle was built in a strategic location, so it could be used to protect the Golu valley and the Rustinu entrance. 

It is believed that the castle has been set on fire in 1289 and then destroyed during popular riots.

The place is well preserved.  Explanations signs and an orientation table have been built there so they can guide visitors. An ideal place for children, middle ages stories lovers !


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