Bonifaziu è Capu di Fenu

Le phare de Feno

Le phare de Feno

There is a path, ruled by the maquis, very close from Bonifacio. At the edge of it, we reach heavenly coves… We go from l’Ermitage de la Trinite, 200 meters high. There is an amazing view from there. First of all, a view of Bonifacio and its cliffs, but also views of Sardegna, very close from there.  

We can go from many paths if we start from l’Ermitage. We will choose to start from the lighthouse of Fenu, and then we will go back from the beach of Paraguan. The maquis is low and offers the possibility to enjoy the panorama, simply breathtaking. Scents mix with each other in an amazing landscape, where only streams mark the path and get your socks wet, to remind you that winter is still here.  

Sometimes, sand makes small beaches. The path leads to the lighthouse of Fenu, established in 1874.

The surroundings have everything : stairs, harbours, gardens, ovens… the way keeps going among heavenly coves, distorted rocks and small wooden bridges, until we reach La cala di Paraguano. The beach is heavenly too. We now go back up to l’Ermitage, but we also could keep on walking until Bonifacio – only for the bravest !

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