Afà è monti Gozzi

Le Monte Gozzi

Le Monte Gozzi

A few kilometers from Ajaccio, there is an astonishing giant that makes everyone speechless. 

This giant is called “Rocher des Gozzi” or “Mont Gozzi”. It stands above Afa village and its surroundings. It is like a huge rock that seeks its independance, as it stands away from the mountain, and has an ocher color and no green areas around. 

We start from Appietto village. The walk is not so difficult, but we still need to have some water and good shoes also. On our departure, we see the rock giant in the far distance, and we also see the whole Gravona valley. 

 From the mountain on the east to the sea on the west. Nothing is high enough to hide the view from us. We are standing above the lowland. But we can’t stop to this panorama, we have to keep walking. 

Here it is ! All of a sudden, the summit appears in a huge garden (more or less green, depending on the season). 

In the middle of it, an old stones house is standing. Unfortunately, this house didn’t carry all the weight of the years. Only the structure is still there. These are ruins from a time where shepherd lived in te mountains.

The cliff is not far from there. We can walk forward, to the edge. A few centimeters away before we would fall ! 700 meters high, on top of the Gozzi, on the giant’s back… well, the show is breathtaking. 

We lie there for a few moment, so we can enjoy this view and, of course, take some souvenir pictures. Two red kites fly around, a few meters from us. On our way back, we can see few other ruins. These might be a fortification or the base of a tower.

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