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Too much freedom for a subject

Too much freedom for a subject
rhetorician and philosopher.
To one has the right to be suspicious
and selfish
and to act according to his own accord.
To scheme plots.
Not to adore Nero
The world rests on the principle of power
Messalina was lenient when she banished
Lucius Aeneus Seneca to Sardinia...
The mountain peaks in the sea and above it
he Mediterranean ring of abysses and azure depths
do not refine the spirit of evil and crime
nor the sense of loyalty.
It is not enough to be an exile
and to be "Far away!"
which is a scale that balances
its own balance of fate.
Wise calmness is not the same
as humble subjection.
But I'll catch him, anyway.
With his example
my former teacher will show
which is the easiest path to "freedom"
ha, ha, ha!
He taught me how to punish him:
I'll let him commit a suicide
under stoic circumstances, now!
The Roman picnic grounds
are made for indifferent slashing of veins
for taking poison, warm baths and making fires
for slow introduction to dust.
And do not return, please
to bring me news that all went as planned.
Caesar takes no interest in that.