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Waiting for the plane

Letizia: Hello, Maria, how are you ?
Maria: I am fine, thank you ! How are you ?
Letizia: I am fine too ! Here is Petru ! It is a pleasure to see you. Where are you going ?
 Petru:  Hi ! I am going to Corte by car. What about you ?
Letizia: I am going to Nice by plane. 
Petru:  Is this girl your friend ?
Letizia: Yes, she studies with me at university.
Petru:  Hello ! My name is Petru. What about you ? What’s your name ?
Maria:  Hi, my name is Maria. Where are you from ?
Petru: I am from Bastia. What about you ?
Letizia: Maria is from Corte, but we are leaving for holidays. .

Note : Stressed syllables are in bold character the first time one find them in the text