Antoine : - We are only in March and tourists are already coming.
L’oncle Simon : - Everything changes. How they don’t wait for summer anymore They arrive in the spring
Jean-Paul : - And because of the snow, they also come in the winter time, in Ascu and Verghju.
Lucie : - And also Ghisoni.
Antoine : - And elsewhere.
Lucie : - It’s better this way. These comings are a benefit .
Antoine : - To the commerce: bakeries, restaurants, marine and flight agency, merchants from every category ….
Lucie : - They are amazed. They say « what a beautiful country ! »
Uncle Simon : -Well this is true. Do you know any place more beautiful than these ones ?  Look at that, this mountain, those fields, these terraces…
Lucie : - No, not only this village, but the whole Corsica. The island in its whole.
Jean-Paul : - The sea always blue, these moutains red with the dawning sun …
Antoine : - Oh well Jean-Paul ! Jean-Paul, are you into poetry as well now ?
Lucie : Let him talk. He ‘s right. Corsica is wonderful.
Vincent Mariotti : - And with tourists, now you get a livelihood.
Antoine : - Tourists are not enough, it’s the tourism which allows the living !