Paghjelle and chjama è rispondi

Lucie : - Pierre Marie look at how many donuts and panzerotti this one is eating !
Pierre Marie : - God bless him, as Uncle Simon would say ! You’d better dress him than feed him
Lucie : Shush ! I think he understood that you’re making fun of him !
Pierre Marie : - No way ! I don’t want to laugh, neither do I want to cry. I came to listen to the chjama è rispondi and I don’t hear anyone call or answer !
Françoise : - What do you think ! If you were at the concert, you could say when they begin and end, but that’s popular singing, without timing ….
Jean-Paul : - And out of time ! A cultural time, oral ; popular…
Lucie : - I still prefer the paghjella.
Jean-Paul : - By the way, it’s contest time. If « i cumpagnoli » sing, they would win !
Françoise : - Would you bet that girls will win ?
Jean-Paul : - Girls ! Polyphony is a man thing. It has always been sung by men.
Lucie : - If we listen to you, we won’t be allowed to sing anymore !
Jean : - There’s nothing to worry about ! If I were you, Jean-Paul, I wouldn’t criticize women  too much
Françoise : - Even more when you remind yourself that women have always sung in the tradition…
Jean-Paul : - I know what I mean. Paghjella is part of popular art and that is why….
Pierre Marie : - What a crows bunch you are ! Be quiet it’s about to start !