L'origine di u marmaru in Venacu

Let’s fly back to an ancient activy, forgotten since a very long time : Limestone exploitation. 

There are two halves in this walk : At first, we will find the exploitation site where the limestone was taken out, and then the sawing factory.

Let’s start off from Venacu, walking along the path that leads to the sheepfolds of Quercetu.

We  notice some accomodations’ ruins on the way, and also some small walls. We can see how the path is well organized for the walkers, as this place used to have an extremely high  commercial activity .  

On our left handside, we are able to enjoy an amazing view of the Vechju valley. We shortly arrive on the ancient marble mine site (Razzu Biancu). We know we are at the right place thanks to a huge rock scree on our right handside. Just before arriving there, we pass in front of a well preserved lime kiln. 

This limestone was used there to create quick lime. It was sawed in the factory below the road (second half of the visit)

There is an aven above the rock screes, just behind a junifer. Be careful, and make sure you don’t step there with children, or without specific equipment. 

Speological events are organized by specialized companies. We get advice in Venacu.  

We need to go back to our car and drive towards Aiacciu to continue the marble visit.  After having visit the extraction site, we will now get to the exploitation site !

We park about 500 meters before the bridge Vechju. The car park is on the edge of the road (on the river side) and there is an accident memorial on it. 

From there we go through the barriers (make sure you close it behind you) and we go down the path.

We take the left path after the electric pole. Shortly, we arrive in front of some huge building ruins. 

It is the ancient factory where they sawed limestone from Razzu Biancu. Inside the building, we are able to see ruins from a marble sign, which shows some sawing traces. We can still find the machinery there. 

There is a two arches bridge just beside the factory. Down below the path, there is another bridge, which collapsed, but was previously used to go above the Vechju. By the way, this is an amazing place for swimming in summer time ! 

In the XVIIIth century, it was the only way to go to Aiacciu from Corti ! 

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