Paisoli in Siscu

Siscu is a region located in the Cap Corse, which is made of many little hamlets. None of them are named Siscu. It is surrounded by mountains that are the limits of a valley. We would assume that Siscu is the name of the valley. 

An educational path has been made so we can discover the region and its secrets and most beautiful treasures. The path goes around every hamlet, and through the woods and maquis. We see the road only when we cross it, which gives us the feeling that we discover small groups of houses at the end of a turn, right in the middle of the woods. 

Around a street of the hamlet Moline, we see the sign that presents the path. We can park close to it, before we head for a 2h30 walk. 

Two churches, many chapels (some of them are private), an ancient convent, a manor, genoese towers, a square tower, an equestrian centre, beautiful houses, and old stones ovens.

Well, many things that make a pleasure out of this visit that we can enjoy with our family to learn more about corsican villages architecture

All along the way, we are between 200 and 500 meters high and there are lots of points of view to enjoy the highs of this aypical mountain. 

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