I siti turreani è megalitichi di u Taravu

Foce, Balestra, Settiva



We know it, Corsica has always been inhabited. We have the proof of it from the traces of neolitic era men.  

The small city Taravu is full of this history and owns many sites that can be visited. Pitretu Bicchisgià is where you can start visiting these historical sites. 

Site torréen de Balestra

It is located after Calo in Pitretu Bicchisgià. The site is surrounded by recent constructions (walls and pagliaghji) but it is still astonishing. The building is round as a tower, and about two meters high. In the inside, two cavities might have been used to protect one another.  

Site mégalithique de Settiva

You can hardly go on the site since the works on the national road started. However, it is still possible to get there and a closed path will allow you to enter the site. A dolmen and a menhir are majestuously standing high under a tree. Both are from the ancient bronze era. It is all surrounded by a stones circle. It is believed that the dolmen was used as a collective grave. 

Site torréen de Foce

In the county Arghjusta, not far from the first site, this one can be visited in an easier way . It was build in the bronze era (IIth century before JC) on a rocky base – 16 m diameter. 

It is the biggest and hardest construction in Corsica. Thanks to searches lead on that site, it is believed that it might have been a religious site, or maybe a sepulture.