Paese abandunatu di Caracu spechju di una volta

We can find lots of abandoned villages in the Cap Corse. Caracu (« holly » in Corsican, even if we couldn’t find any holly leaves over there), in Meria village, has been left over, little by little, because of the way we can hardly access it – unlike the main village. This little promenade throw the walker back into a close past.

From time to time, the path gets surrounded by some pretty small walls made of dry stones. You can see Tuscan islands from there, and also the three famous islands from Macinaghju : Terra, Mezzana, Finuchjarola.

The Gorgona island was our VIP guest on that day. It is located further north from Capraia. 

You don’t need to wait long to reach Caracu, and its houses ruins, which are still holding recent life traces : Ovens, painted ledges... After a quick and careful exploration (careful because of this place’s degradation), you can reach an aghja for a face to face pic nic with the sea. However, it is believed that the apparent peace of this place isn’t so accurate : They say that something horrible have happened, right at the entrance of the village, some decades ago.  A man from a well educated family would have killed and torn apart a house maid… Reality or fiction ? Your mind will fly away, like it always does in these places. 

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