U lavu di Ninu

It might me one of the most beautiful lakes in Corsica. With its pozzini, free horses, and hugely amazing landscapes. 

Let’s head off to Corte, so we can discover one of the easiest steps of the famous gr20. We start from the shelter of the Col de Verghju, which is normally reached on the 3rd of 4th day if we depart from Calinzana.

For lots of people, the lake de Ninu is one of the most beautiful in Corsica.

The path is an easy one, and it is very well indicated with red and white marks all along the way for about an hour, before we reach the mountain pass Saint Pierre (1452 meters high) 

From this point, the view over Cintu mountains (the highest summit in Corsica) is astonishing. The Paglia Orba and l’oeil du Tafunatu are on our left handisde. We also notice all the lowland until the lake of Calacuccia. We keep on walking on a low maquis.

After climbing a comb that is about 1900 meters high, we enjoy a break. The lake is just below us, and it is surrounded by pozzi in a lowland located in the middle of mountains. Cows are peacefully grazing, while free horses are galoping around. This is the ideal place for a lunch break. 

After lunch and a digestive walk among the pozzi, we come to a last step, towards Vaccaghja sheepfolds, so we can reach the lake. We have two options now : Either we follow the path to the shelter so we can spend the night there before we keep on walking the GR20, or we can go back on our steps to go down to our starting point.

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