U rifugiu di Carrozzu pè a furesta di Bonifatu

Now off we go to the GR20 traces, to go sraight to the second refuge of this famous walk. We  get there through some breathtaking vegetation. They say that its name means « the wellness forest ». We can park on the car park of a forest house, about 20 km from Calvi, to spend our day in a wonderful forest full of Laricci pines. 

We first head to the refugee Carrozzu (1260 meters), another refuge that leads to GR20. The path goes up through the rivers Meta di u Filu and Spasimata, thanks to two bridges. There is a change in the vegetation along the way, as we get higher and higher. Fom time to time, there aresome holes in the trees leaves, so we can spot some colourful stones, the surrounding summits and even the sea sometimes. We can only enjoy the site view to the fullest from the refuge terrace. After a short break, the walk keeps going, to the bridge which is famous since the movie “Les randonneurs”. Ten minutes walking later, the path opens up on two amazing natural pools. This is the ideal place for a pic nic and of course for a swim in the clear water. 

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