In town

Vincent Mariotti : - I don’t want to be rude, but it’s such a babel ! You can even become deaf ! Uncle Simon : - And it stinks ! How many cars are in Bastia ?
Lucie : - Two, maybe three cars per family. An average family is made of three people. 50 000 inhabitants. So let’s divide that : 50000 divided by two ….
Pierre Marie : - By three !
Lucie : - 50000 divided by three, it’s almost 17000 ! 17000, two cars per family …..
Pierre Marie : - 34 000 exhaust pipes ! So it makes sense that the city stinks.
Uncle Simon : - This is why I don’t come often
Vincent Mariotti : - Me too :  I don’t feel like. Ok, let’s go away ?
Uncle Simon : -  Yes, but first, I go to Campodonico, to buy a sickle
Vincent Mariotti : - I’m going there as well to buy a product against rats
Françoise : - And then, before you go, you stop a little while at home.
Jean-Paul : - And you come in my house too !
Lucie : - Your house?  It’s too far ! To go through the whole town at that time of the day, it takes half an hour!
Jean-Paul : - You overreacts, Lucie. I need 20 minutes at the maximum, even with the traffic jam and the time to find a place to park.  
Uncle Simon : - Don’t you live anymore in the marina ?
Jean-Paul : - The vieux port, the rue Droite, the Marché and everything over there, the ones who can leave it will do so
Lucie : - These are tourisy places now. You stay up late at night and you sleep all morning.
Jean : - Like in Sardegna, in the coast cities.
Jean-Paul : - I live in Furiani. A small house with a small garden. I plant my vegetables and I enjoy the countryside