On foot. Undefined pronouns

Maria : How are we going to the Piazza Massena ?
Marcella : Walking ! It’s just beside. Taking the car would be an useless thing to go.
Letizia : As long as we know the way…. Let’s ask someone. Excuse me, how far is to go to the Piazza Massena ?
Un omu : No, it’s near. Turn left, and then go straight
Letizia :
Thank you ! so, let’s go ?
Maria :  Wait ! Look at this shirt !
Marcella : You’re right, this shirt is really nice !
Letizia : So, shall we go in to buy it ?
Maria : The red one with flowers on it ?
Marcella : No, the other one, blue with tiles on it.
Maria : I like both.
Letizia :  The one I like the most is the yellow one, to the right.
Maria : Yes, but have you seen the price ?
Marcella : 60 euros ! I only have 50.
Letizia : 10 euros ! I can lend it to you

Choose the right answer

Ci sò sbalgi. sbalgiu.
Pruvate la dinù clicchendu quì sottu.
Bravu, hè tuttu ghjustu!
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