U stagnu scurdatu di Ghjallicatapianu

This is an unknown walk, a victim because it is too close from the well known GR20. This time, we have to reach a river located between the sheepfolds of Tolla and the shelter of Petra Pianu : The river of Gialicatapianu, located 1523 meters high. 

We go from the sheepfolds of Tolla, following the GR 20 wonderful wooden path.  The road there is lovely and so peaceful. The path goes along the river, and is very pleasant, even in summertime. From time to time, we pass in front of magnificent natural baths, where we would bathe ourselves without any objections during peak seasons ! Around 1200 meters high, we go through the river where there used to be an ancient bridge (watch the cairns) and we will follow rock screes path, which will quickly start to go uphill. The sheepfolds of Gialicatapianu are located on top of this hill. A part of these sheepfolds seems to still be in use. 

However, the way up keeps going, and we are now going through mountains, in the middle of which there is a lovely prairie, surrounded by alder trees. In the background, there is the river, with some winds disturbing its surface. This is the right place to take a break, and relax ourselves to the sound of birds singing, and of wine being poured… isn’t it paradise ?

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