L'Arca di E Padule

Now that’s some climbing ! The least we can say about the Arch of Corti, or the arch of Scandulaghja, is that we have to deserve it.

There is not less than 1100 positive ascent meters, and a bit more than 4 km. Still, there is an upside to it : like a horse heading for his barn, the way back is much faster than the way up  You need to know that your thighs and calfs are going to be put to the test. 

You have to deserve this Arch, and do not believe that this famous trail course will become variant and even, after the (big) first climb. No, it goes up, and it does all the time !

But in the end, when you think you will go up forever, the reward is just in front of you. The Arch is showing up in the landscape. First of all, you will barely see it, and then it will be impossible for you to miss it as its height is incredibly high.

We wonder how such a structure can be naturally created. Time for a nap and a snack under the watchful eye of the Ritondu, and then we can go back down.

The way down is fast, about a third of the time it took us to go up.

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