A madonna di a sarra accura à Calvi da sopra

This gateaway is a very easy and short walk that offers a vertiginous panorama.

Not too far from the peninsula La Revellata, we can find one of the three chapels from the city Calvi :  Notre-Dame-de-la-Serra.

It protects the city of Calvi since the XVth century. It stands on the hill that has given it its name. 

The chapel is one of the sanctuaries of the city.

Build in 1479, it has been destroyed in 1794. The hill that is overlooking the bay has been chosen by the English because of its strategic location. The current chapel has been erected between 1850 and 1860, on an ancient sanctuary ruins.

On September 8th, its pilgrimage celebrates the Virgin birth and remains a must see in Balagne. 

Its position allows us to have an amazing view over the city and its surroundings. 

There is a rocky massif next to the chapel, inside this pilgrimage place, where stands a status of the Virgin, her arms open to the city as if she was protecting it. 

Legends say that if you lead the man or woman of your life to this place, then your story would be long and beautiful…