A petra ellerata

A curious stone stands there, overlooking Bastia and St Florent’s bay…

A Serra di u Pignu, on the highs of Bastia, offers a breathtaking view over the two sides of Corsica. This place is also the starting point of many ridges walks, whether they are sporty or easy

We start walking from the Pignu, to reach Cardu’s icehouses, but we have to keep ourselves on the left handside to seek of a natural curiosity :  A Petra Ellerata, the ivy stone. You have to deserve this one, as you will only discover it once you will stand in front of it. 

The place is definitely worth the visit : A kind of thin ivy spreads over few meters high and width. It seems to be very confortable lying on this flat stone. The look and sound of the small leaves moving around is surprising. This place is also filled with hunters and shepherds’ shelters.

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