Not far away

Marcella : Shall we take a taxi ? It seems like it’s going to rain, doesn’t it ?
Letizia : Come on, let’s go walking…
Maria : Open your eyes, look how the sun is shining !
Marcella : Yes, but I’ve heard the forecast on the radio !
Maria : It’s better to figure it out looking with your own eyes, isn’t it ?
Letizia : And hearing with your own ears
Marcella : You say it like that (=You don’t take it seriously) but I am not sure
Maria : Come on, let’s go, and if i trains, we have 5 euros for an umbrella, I think…
Marcella : You’re right, but the weather is not that nice
Letizia : So, shall we stay here being grumpy or shall we go out ?
Marcella : Okay, let’s go out and if it rains
Maria è Letizia : (laughing out loud) : Then we would be wet !