Monti Alcudina

The « anvil », as they call it in English. 2134 meters high, it is the last high summit in the southern part of this island moutains. The Mont Alcudina is located between the Cuscionu and the Aiguilles de Bavella, in southern corsica. 

We start from the sheepfolds of Matalza. The path that meets the ridge goes through a small river (beware, the small river gets bigger, depending on the time of the year)

We can find our way thanks to signs on the rocks, and then with the same signs over the trees ! Now we can start climbing the mountain pass of Luana. The view over the lowlands is wonderful. There is not a single soul in our sight. However, we clearly see that we are in the home of birds, sheeps, foxes and other big beasts. 

Right after we reach 500 meters from the top, the ice is more and more slippery, and we need some good equipment to access the highest point .

The walk is sporty and yet pleasant, as every landscape is different from one another, and the point of view up on the top offers such a beautiful panorama. 

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