U stagnu di Diana

La Plaine orientale. This unbelievable place offers a walk that is as authentic as wild.  

La Plaine orientale of Corsica is made of many lakes, from north to south. All those lakes end in the Tyrrhenian sea. Some ground pieces that the sea tries to take back. Everyone can enjoy those ecosystems. These are sanctuaries for birds and fishes. We can find fish farming and oysters and mussels breedings, orchards and vineyards. This is an historical and touristic place that have fascinated people through all ages, thanks to our ancestors traces.

Diana pond is the lake that is the most central. It is laid out on each part of it, and yet wild and authentic. 

Above its stream’s activities, a genoese old tower is standing there, all quiet. 

Huts are settling on the beach for the summer, so they are ready for the swimmers. In the north, as well as the south, vineyards are lying there, enjoying the salty sprays of the Tyrrhenian sea, and the pure water of the pond.  

In the centre, oysters and mussels share the breeding cages and work on their fame each day. 

The rushes and the canes of Provence share the ground space with the maquis. And in the middle of it, there are paths, ways, that offer multiple discovery possibilities.

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