Antoine : -  My back is sore, I feel pain in my legs and in my shoulders.. I can’t feel them anymore !
Uncle Simon : - Oh, men, nowadays : all wimps.
Jean-Paul : - I have spent so much time searching in the maquis that my feet are only a wound. Uncle Simon : - What do you think : shall the boar wait for your coming ?
Lucie : - Look at Simon, his hands and face are scratched, his shirt and trouser are torn apart!

Antoine : - Only with thorns and brambles. I run, I fall, I get back up and I fall back down. I found myself on the floor four times!
Lucie : - Let’s get to the fact, what are you bringing, what do you have ?
Antoine : - Pardon me, an half closed eye, a twisted foot and.. a strong anger toward you ! Lucie : - Well, counting on our hunters is worthy !
Jean-Paul : - It’s your fault : when I had to shoot, I put my hand on the cartridges, there weren’t any one !
Lucie : - My fault ! Thank you ! We can say it : you are Sundays’ hunters!
Antoine : - It doesn’t matter. Next Sunday, I will get everything ready myself

Vincent Mariotti : - There we go. Animals can go around the wood with no fear
Antoine : - Well no ! You gossip ! There is our hunt !
Jean-Paul : Six pigeons, two huge hares and a handful of mushrooms to go with it !
Lucie : - Poor ! I won’t eat that!
Antoine : - Ok ! As they say « wipe up your mouth, as it’s not for you !»